SAT College Preparatory Program 

PSAT/ SAT Preparation (available in individual and group setting)

All of the lessons are tailored differently for each individual student. For our group-based lessons, students receive 2-hour math instruction and 2 hour English instruction a week (total of four hours). Each student receives a packet of homework to solidify new topics covered in class. Each new lesson begins with a quiz to test comprehension of material covered during previous class, a detailed explanation of a new topic, and teacher guided practice.

SAT and PSAT program is much more than a tutoring class. It is a carefully navigated path to a college of your choice. On top of learning all the necessary components of the tests, students learn how to understand abstract ideas. Students read more literature than typical school curriculum covers.



NY Smart Start is the first center of its kind, that offers students a chance to experience real childhood. Teachers take their time to let students express themselves, share ideas and beliefs. A perfectly balanced day of classes and breaks, allows for social interaction, which is so necessary in child development. Trips to different destinations allows for a full exposure of hands-on learning. NY Smart Start offers a wide spectrum of classes to ensure exposure to all subdivisions of study. We are proud to teach our children ethics and etiquette classes on the daily basis. Our educational center blossoms with happy children who want to come here and learn, without the added stress of never-ending testing.



ACT Preparation- 10 hours (available in individual and group setting)
ACT is a timed, comprehension based test. Each lesson varies depending on student's abilities and staring point. Similar to SAT tutoring, each child receives homework to ensure full comprehension.

OLSAT/ Gifted and Talented Preparation (part of our school and individual sessions)

What Is the OLSAT?


The OLSAT assesses a student's cognitive (e.g., verbal, nonverbal and quantitative) abilities that relate to his or her academic success providing educators with invaluable information in order to enhance insights gained from traditional achievement tests.

On the test, students will need to:

  • Follow directions

  • Detect likenesses and differences

  • Recall words and numbers

  • Classify items

  • Establish sequences

  • Solve arithmetic problems

  • Complete analogies

During our OLSAT tutoring, instructor focuses on learning through games and interactive learning with each child. We focus on subject related knowledge, such as, math and ELA. Our main focus relies on logical reasoning, since that is the main key to success on the test.

Special Programs

  • ISEE

  • CogAT


  • SSAT



  • Hunter College High School Exam

  • Gifted and Talented Middle School Talents


High School

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Accreditation Programs

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