As we embark on the journey of expansion, we invite new students to join our school. Space is limited, so be sure to act fast.

The Registration Process to our school is a three-part journey. 
During the primary stage, parents are invited for an informal talk and interview. This gives a clear idea about whether or not this school is the right choice for your child. 
For the second portion of the registration process, we invite your child to join us for a full-day of school. 
Final stage of this journey encompasses a meeting with the Principal to discuss registration and paperwork.

Feel free to contact us for any additional information.



All of the students in the center are registered students and each have their unique DOE OSIS number. This enables the City of New York to recognize your child as a part of the NYC educational system.

Department of Homeschooling requires each parent to submit the Letter of Intent, Individualized Instruction Plan and four Quarterly Reports. All of the paperwork is sent directly to Department of Education as proof of your child’s progress.

Each child completes NYS Annual Testing starting from Grade 3. Options for testing range from Common Core, California Achievement Test, IOWA Exam, and many more.

Testing Requirements


Call for general information about the school

(646) 641-6614


Bring or send your form to the following addresses:


Schedule an interview with the director.

We process your admission and update you with our final decision within 7 days of receiving all documentation.